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Dr. Wilcox's Care Team

HRC Pasadena 2016 Wilcox Team


What To Expect From Your First Consultation With Dr. John Wilcox

If you have a first visit scheduled with Dr. John Wilcox to discuss fertility treatments, or your thinking of making one, you may be wondering what that initial consultation will be like.  In this video,  Nurse Teresa Fontanilla, an RN with Dr. Wilcox' team, tells us all about the first visit, what tests and screenings may be necessary and what to expect from the treatment process.


Gladdys D. Caspellan, RN - Lead Nurse Coordinator for John Wilcox, MD

HRC Pasadena Gladdys Caspellan, RN - Lead Nurse Coordinator

Gladdys D. Caspellan, RN has worked with HRC Fertility and Dr. John Wilcox since June 1999. She has worked in all aspects of the field, including fertility nursing, surgery, IUI, IVF, and Third-Party Reproduction. She received her Associate Degree in Nursing as Cum Laude. She is the Lead Nurse Coordinator for Dr. John G. Wilcox’s team.  She facilitates communication among the patients, physicians, nurses, and other staff members.  Her dedication and compassion make her a valuable member of our team.

Teresa Fontanilla, RN - Lead Nurse Coordinator

Teresa Fontanilla, RN - HRC Fertility Pasadena

Teresa Fontanilla, RN has worked in the field of reproductive medicine since 1996. She started as a LVN and later obtained her degree to become a registered nurse. She received her Registered nursing degree from West Coast University with honors as Cum Laude. She has extensive background in all aspects of Infertility, which includes IVF, 3rd Party Reproduction, IUI and Surgery. She Co-leads a team of nursing staff and oversee the day to day operation of Dr. Wilcox’s practice. She strives to provide patients with a compassionate and caring experience while going through the infertility process.

Tiffany Tseng, NP - Nurse Practitioner

HRC Pasadena - Tiffany Tseng, NP - Dr. Wilcox Staff

Tiffany joined Dr. John Wilcox’s team as a board-certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner by the National Certification Corporation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of California, San Diego, and proceeded to complete her bachelor and master’s degrees in Nursing from Columbia University. Her training in fertility includes working at a private fertility practice in Arcadia, a clinical rotation at Weill Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine, and working at New Hope Fertility Center in New York City. She also has experience working in general obstetrics and gynecology at Charles B. Wang Community Heath Center in New York.

Tiffany’s philosophy towards providing excellent patient care is through building patient trust, patient education, empathy and compassion. Drawing from her experience working in an obstetrics setting, she understands the importance of establishing the proper foundations of prenatal care during fertility treatments to ensure a healthy pregnancy through delivery. Tiffany is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has extensive experience working with diverse cultural populations.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, traveling, and trying to find the perfect sandwich.

Nanette Villajoaquin, LVN - IVF Coordinator

Nanette Villajoaquin, LVN - HRC Fertility Pasadena

Nanette Villajoaquin, LVN has been part of the HRC Fertility team since 2013.  She completed her LVN licensure in 2009.  She had experienced working with different types of patients from acute to ambulatory patients. She works as an IUI & Clinical Coordinator at HRC Fertility.  Nanette is able to work with couples and individuals who are seeking assistance in building a family. She enjoys her role as a fertility nurse as she provides care and personal support through the patients journey as they go through their treatment.

Ana Ballestero, LVN - Clinical Coordinator

Ana Ballestero, LVN - HRC Fertility Pasadena

Ana Ballestero, LVN joined HRC Fertility Team in 2013. She completed her LVN licensure in 2010. She had experience working with psychiatric and geriatric patients. She works as an IUI & Clinical Coordinator at HRC Fertility. She very much enjoys working with patients and their families and supporting them through the often-challenging pathways of infertility work-up and treatment.

Rachel Ducut, LVN - Clinical Coordinator

Rachel Ducut, LVN - IUI and Clinical Coordinator

As an IUI and clinical coordinator, Rachel believes it is important to learn and understand each of her patients individually to best help them while on their fertility journey. Her goal every day is to build a reassuring and trusting environment by providing open communications. Her past experience includes working with disabled children as well as geriatric and psychiatric patients. Outside of HRC, Rachel likes going to concerts, the beach and hanging out with friends.

NingNing (Linda) Liu - IVF Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Linda Liu, Chinese Translator

I have been working at HRC since 2012. I am a Chinese nurse and graduated from China Medical University in 2005. I worked in the Neurology Department at Jin Qiu Hospital of China. To pursue a better life I came to America and graduated from Shoreline Community College. I have always had a passion to help people, and working at HRC makes me feel that this the life I want. I am here to help Chinese patients, not only with translation and coordinating, but also helping our international patients with their travel arrangements.

Helen Wang, LVN - Clinical Coordinator

Cong (Helen) Wang, LVN - Clinical Coordinator at HRC Fertility Pasadena

Helen works as a clinical coordinator and is a licensed vocational nurse with an international business degree from China. She originates from north China Dalian and speaks both Mandarin and English. Helen followed her family and immigrated to USA then later decided to become a nurse. It was a challenge and very different, but she achieved her goal and loves working with Dr. Wilcox and her Chinese patients so they can experience the joy of becoming parents. She has great passion for her patients and looks forward to supporting and caring for future Chinese patients.

Yang Yang, RN - IVF Coordinator

Yang Yang, RN - IVF Coordinator at HRC Fertility Pasadena

Yang, Yang, RN has been a part of Dr. Wilcox's team since 2015. She is a skilled and experienced bilingual nurse fluent in Mandarin and English. As she has worked in both American and Chinese healthcare facilities, she has gained the required skills and qualities to work with people of diverse backgrounds. As a fertility nurse, she makes sure to deliver the treatment plans to couples through effective means and manages couples’ or women’s fertility treatment efficiently. As patients experience a roller coaster of emotions during fertility procedures, she makes sure to deliver them all required information so that they can prepare themselves beforehand. Being a proficient fertility nurse, she has exhibited unyielding commitment towards patients’ wellbeing and safety.

Zoe Fang, MA - Clinical Coordinator

Zoe Fang, Clinical Coordinator for Dr. Wilcox

While working as a clinical coordinator assisting our Chinese patients, I am also going to school part-time at California State Los Angeles earning a BA degree in business management. I have been working in the medical field for almost 5 years and continue to enjoy helping our patients on their journey to parenthood.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching hockey games.

Lili Wang, LVN - Clinical Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - LiLi Wang, Clinical Coordinator

Lili is a clinical coordinator as is fluent in English and Mandarin. She graduated from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a nursing degree, and has clinical experience in both the emergency department and gynecology department. Lili loved her experience in the gynecology department and decided to further specialize in the field of reproductive medicine. Her interest is in wellness of the whole body, including Chinese medicine ideologies and alternative therapies, and because of this, she hopes to provide holistic and comprehensive care for her patients. In her free time she enjoys tai chi and learning more about Chinese Medicine.

Tracy Gu, RN, BSN, PHN - IVF Coordinator

 HRC Pasadena 2017 Tracy Gu Team Wilcox Tracy is a bilingual nurse fluent in Mandarin and English. She graduated from the University of Phoenix and is passionate about providing the best care in the unique field of assisted reproduction, and feels she has found her niche. Her past experience includes working in a nursing home and in the field of home health care. Outside of work, Tracy enjoys reading and working out.

Vida Li, LVN - Clinical Coordinator

HRC Pasadena 2017 Vida Li Team Wilcox
Vida has been working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse for the past 3 years. She began her career at Pasadena Convalescent Hospital prior to coming to HRC. She also has experience working in hospice, rehab and wound care. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin and has a working knowledge of Cantonese. During her free time, she enjoys traveling, visiting museums, and exploring the city.

Theresa Wu, LVN - Clinical Coordinator

HRC Pasadena 2017 Theresa Wu Team Wilcox
Theresa works as a clinical coordinator and has many years of experience in patient service. She is a skilled bilingual nurse in both Chinese and English and is also partially fluent in conversational Korean. She loves working with and supporting patients to see them succeed in their fertility treatment. In her free time, Theresa loves watching Korean entertainment as a way to learn more Korean to help her patients.

Chen Dhanangkul, RN – IVF Coordinator


Katrin A. Donohue, LVN – IVF Coordinator


Suzette Galvez – Administrative Assistant


Naomi Tran - Administrative Assistant


Christina Villagarcia, CPhT – Pharmacy Technician


Linda Tsai – Clinical Coordinator