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Dr. Nelson's Care Team

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What To Expect From Your First Consultation With Dr. Jeffrey Nelson

If you have a first visit scheduled with Dr. Jeffrey Nelson to discuss fertility treatments, or your thinking of making one, you may be wondering what that initial consultation will consist of.  In this video,  Nurse Germaine Underbrink, an RN with Dr. Nelson's team, tells us all about the first visit, how long it will take, what tests and screenings may be necessary and what you may need for your consultation.

Elizabeth Torres, LVN - Team Lead, IVF Coordinator

 HRC Pasadena - Liz Torres, Medical Assistant I attained my Medical Assistant certificate in 2002, worked for a few years, then decided to return to school and became licensed as a vocational nurse in 2007. Since 2012, I have worked as an infertility nurse and find it rewarding to help my patients achieve pregnancy and guide them through their fertility journey. It is a tough road to travel alone and having nurses who they can depend on I feel makes all the difference. On a personal note, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family and three children.

Addiline Fiscus - 3rd Party IVF Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Addiline Fiscus, Third Party IVF Coordinator

Addiline Fiscus has been with HRC since 2007. She joined Dr Nelson’s team in 2008, since then gaining experience in IUI cycles, Frozen Transfer cycles and 3rd party IVF coordination. “Assisting patients to achieve parenthood is wonderful and a bit challenging. There are very happy times as well as very sad times. Being a part of the greatest gift in life is rewarding. I love the updates our families give us throughout the pregnancy and beyond. The pictures of smiling babies and parents is truly amazing. I am thankful that I chose this career path when deciding which specialty to pursue in the medical field.

Jolene O’Connor - Chinese IVF and 3rd Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Jolene Lee O’Connor, Chinese IVF Coordinator

Growing up in Taiwan, Jolene Lee O’Connor has always been fascinated by the Western culture, the English language, and literature. She came to the United States after college to pursue a Master’s degree in Speech Communication at Indiana University. While working at the Chinatown Service Center, a community-based, non-profit organization in Los Angeles, she helped many newly arrived immigrants locate employment opportunities and assisted with their assimilation into the American society. Her passion to help bridge the East and West and to serve the public inspired two decades of interpretation and translation work for different industries ranging from feature films, the airlines, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. As a coordinator, Jolene hopes that with her background, she will be able to help HRC broaden its thriving practice and to make sure that each and every patient receive the best care and attention throughout their challenging journey of fertility treatment.
Jolene is an avid tennis player. She also enjoys exploring the hiking trails around L.A. with her husband and their teenage daughter.

Justina Wang - Chinese IVF amd 3rd Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Justina Wan, IVF Coordinator

Justina is an IUI and Chinese IVF coordinator working with Dr. Jeffrey Nelson’s team and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. With her background as an optician, she is able to bring her valuable experience working with patients to her current position. She is passionate about her work and finds it rewarding that she gets to support and help her patients and families go through the fertility treatment process.

Xiaoqi (Chloe) Han - Clinical Coordinator, Chinese Interpreter 

 HRC Pasadena Chloe Han, Clinical Coordinator Chloe is a Clinical Coordinator with Dr. Nelson’s team. She holds a B.S. degree in Applied Statistics. With her 3 years of experience in investment consultation and event planning, she developed strong process improvement orientation, problem-solving and communication skills. She also co-founded the Red Cross Club at her high school and served her community, not only for three years in high school, but also years after she graduated. She was trained to be a First Aid and CPR instructor and taught people in her community. She wishes to continue helping and taking care of her HRC patients.

Connie Hernandez, MA - IVF Clinical Coordinator 

  Connie has been a medical assistant since 2004 and, until joining Dr. Nelson’s Care Team, enjoyed working for an OB/Gyn for 12 years previously. She likes working with people and says the best part of working as a clinical coordinator is meeting so many great patients. Outside of work, Connie is married and has two sons. She enjoys reading and watching sports.