Embryology Team



The HRC Fertility Pasadena Embryology Team

HRC Pasadena 2016 Embryology Team

The HRC Fertility Pasadena embryology laboratory offers many assisted reproductive technology procedures including ICSI, assisted hatching, PGD, blastocyst transfer and more. Above is our dedicated embryology team.  

For additional questions about our embryology and laboratory services or to set up an initial consultation, please contact us via our online form or call us toll-free at (877) 577-5070.


 Tih Tan - Pasadena Infertility Embryologist

Tih Tan, MS, ELD - Embryologist / Laboratory Director

 Lindsay Dearden - Pasadena Infertility Embryologist

Lindsay Dearden, BS - Embryologist

 Rafael Ruiz de Assin Alonso - Pasadena Infertility Embryologist

Rafael Ruiz de Assin Alonso, PhD - Embryologist

 Lisa Guan - Pasadena Infertility Embryologist

Lisa Guan, BS - Embryologist

 HRC Pasadena 2017 Lucia Hernandez Embryologist

Lucia Hernandez, BS - Embryologist

 Kohar Mazmanian - Pasadena Infertility Embryologist

Kohar Mazmanian, MS, TS (ABB)  - Embryologist

 HRC Pasadena - Patrizia Rubino, Embryologist

Patrizia Rubino, MS - Embryologist

 HRC Pasadena - Alleson Thiel, Embryologist

Alleson Thiel, BS - Embryologist