Reproductive Surgical Associates (RSA)



Reproductive Surgical Associates (RSA)

Reproductive Surgical Associates Pasadena Waiting Room

RSA is where all IVF procedures are performed and is conveniently located on the 3rd floor of our center. Unless a patient requires a complicated surgical procedure or a hysterosalpingogram is necessary, which are better performed in a hospital setting, all procedures are done on site and performed by your doctor.

RSA is a fully accredited surgical center (AAAHC Accreditation) with a highly skilled team which includes anesthesiologists and surgical nurses who ensure quality care from pre-procedure to recovery and finally discharge.

Within RSA are two procedure rooms where both egg retrievals and surgical procedures are performed, three beds in the recovery bay where nurses closely monitor patients post procedure, and three transfer rooms where embryo transfers are done.

Our goal is to provide the utmost in patient care and make the journey towards parenthood as comfortable as possible.

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