Patient Resources and Links

HRC Fertility Pasadena has many valuable resources for women and men who are trying to conceive as well as prospective and current patients. We recommend the following links and organizations but in many cases are not related with them in any way.

The HRC Resource Library which is located on our parent websitecontains in-depth articles on all aspects of fertility and fertility treatment, written by the all of the doctors at our fertility centers.

The Hope Resource Guide, published by HRC Fertility, is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of fertility treatment. It is intended to be an adjunct to your treatment at HRC. Because it is intended for our patients only, you will be asked to provide a username and password to access the guide.

The Donor Concierge is an outstanding source for egg donors and surrogates. Their highly trained team of professionals, quickly and efficiently search through profiles of more than 80 different donor and 40+ surrogate agencies to find the ideal candidates for your review.

In most cases they are able to deliver a choice of 20-40 egg donors or 3-5 surrogates within one to two weeks. 

The Tinina Q Cade Foundation (Cade Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization that was started in 2005 to provide information support and financial assistance to help needy infertile families OVERCOME infertility.

The Cade Foundation also provides education focused programs to share info about different pathways to parenthood throughout the nation. The foundation also provide grants to help families with the costs of adoption and fertility treatment.

Fertility Family Services under the guidance of Peggy Dilian, M.A., LMFT is a counseling, consultation, and resource service for individuals and families who are on their journey to family building. Services include psychotherapy, consultation, assessments and evaluations, education, and referrals.

Fertility Family Services aims to provide various support services, promote awareness and psychosocial education for issues related to fertility, reproductive health, and the various family building options. Fertility Family Services provides support for people throughout various family building stages. This may include those who are trying to conceive, dealing with pregnancy loss or post-partum depression, considering or undergoing infertility treatments such as IUIs or IVFs, third party reproduction using gamete donation, surrogacy, egg freezing, adoption, single parenthood, or same sex families.

Visit, ASRM's peer-reviewed, accurate and up-to-date source of information on all aspects of reproductive health for the best information to share with your patients.

Baby Bump Journeys ( offers one on one support through the Surrogacy selection, IVF timeline, and throughout the pregnancy and birthing process.

Mythology Surrounding Embryo Adoption – a webinar helping you understand more clearly what embryo adoption is and is not.

Another helpful tool recently released by the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center is the Embryo Adoption Q&A E-Book. This online book is full of questions asked by actual donors and adopters during webinar presentations over the past year.