RSA Care Team



RSA Team

RSA (Reproductive Surgical Associates), located on the third floor of our building, is where all IVF related procedures occur. Our team of nurses and anesthesiologists are in place to provide the utmost in care and comfort from the time you check in to the time you are discharged home. The nurses work together providing their patients with care pre-operatively, during the procedure and through the recovery process. Our team will be with you every moment while under our care.


Marie Gil, RN

 HRC Pasadena RSA Team - Germaine Underbrink, RN

Germaine Underbrink, RN

 HRC Pasadena RSA Team - Charliza, Watkins, CST

Charliza, Watkins, CST

 HRC Pasadena RSA Team - Joseline Moreno, MA

Joseline Moreno, MA

 HRC Pasadena RSA Team - Michele Padilla, LVN

Michele Padilla, LVN


Janeen Gonzalez, LVN




Rui Jenna Guo, LVN




Caitlin Lawson, RN




Tiffany Lin, RN




Kasalyn Thuvamontolrat, RN




Marta Uribe, LVN