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Dr. Kolb's Care Team

HRC Pasadena 2016 Kolb Team


What To Expect From Your First Consultation With Dr. Bradford Kolb

If you have decided to begin fertility treatments you'll need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kolb to talk about the process, go over your medical history and hear your options.

Licensed vocational nurse, Yvonne Hinkel tells us what a first visit with Dr. Kolb will be like, what tests and screenings you may need before beginning treatments and what makes this team so special.

Catty Chien Ju Yang, WHNP-BC - Nurse Practitioner

HRC Pasadena 2016 Catty Team Kolb

Catty is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, board certified by the National Certification Corporation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from the University of California, San Diego. Catty continued her training to complete her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Nursing from Columbia University.

Her passion for working in fertility began in 2006, at New Hope Fertility Center, where she received extensive training in minimal stimulation protocols and hands-on experience with all aspects of fertility treatment. Catty continued her work in fertility at Pacific Fertility Center for the past 3 years, working with patients of diverse backgrounds to navigate through the complexity of different conventional IVF protocols. She participated in research studies for advancement in IVF technology, such as the Auxogyn trial for real-time embryo imaging, and the Panorama prenatal screening. She also furthered her training in understanding of alternative IVF medications, supplements, and FDA regulations for third party donation screening.

As a practitioner, Catty is committed to providing the best individualized care for every patient, with a focus on education, and thorough understanding of the fertility process. She aims to become an advocate for her patients, caring both for their physical and emotional well-being, in order to build trusting relationships. Her goal is to enhance a positive experience and confidence to those in need. Being fluent in Mandarin, Catty values the importance of creating a culturally sensitive environment for many Chinese-speaking patients seeking fertility care.
Catty lives with her husband and two rescue dogs. They all enjoy traveling, eating, and visiting dog-friendly destinations, where they can enjoy each others’ company as a family of foodies.

Nancy De Leon, Administrative Lead

Nancy De Leon, New Patient Coordinator at HRC Pasadena

Nancy De Leon, New Patient Coordinator is the first point of contact for patients seeking to meet with Dr. Kolb and works closely with new patients to ensure their appointments go smoothly. She has been a medical assistant for over 15 years, with a strong background in the fertility field. She is happy to be able to be part of a team that helps build families. Being a former egg donor, she takes pride in what she does because she knows she is making a difference in someone's life. She is fluent in Spanish and English and is always happy to translate. She loves spending time with her family, working out and watching movies.

Christina Perez - Administrative Assistant



Cristina schedules all surrogates and egg donors for their medical screenings and also assists in scheduling new patients. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and went to school to become a medical assistant as she loves to help and care for others. Away from her job, Cristina enjoys meditating, practicing yoga and helping her mother raise her nine year old brother; she loves him like he was her own. Cristina enjoys traveling to Mexico and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Vicki Cheng - Client Relations Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Vicky Cheng


Vicky has been our Clients Relations Coordinator for 2 years with HRC Fertility. Over the years, she has been involved with providing excellent customer service to clients travelling overseas for IVF. Vicky enjoys snowboarding during winter and parasailing or scuba diving during summer. Before coming to HRC Fertility, Vicky has been in the field of hospitality and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management at UNLV. Vicky is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Kristy Shelden, MA - Team Lead, IVF Coordinator, Third Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena 2016 Kristy Team Kolb

Kristy C. Shelden began her HRC career working in the RSA surgery center, where she worked with patients undergoing fertility procedures. A year later, she was promoted to Dr. Kolb’s nursing team as a Clinical Coordinator. After a year of working in that position, her hard work and dedication to cycle details enabled her to accept a position within the 3rd Party Nursing Team for Dr. Kolb. Kristy has since been committed to assisting couples utilizing egg donors and/or surrogates.

With her eight years of experience at HRC, Kristy is committed to maintaining an understanding of all the new technology and information becoming available daily within the fertility community. Her dedication enables her to use that information and technology to ensure the best possible success for the patients of HRC.

Mayra Camacho, Administrative Clinical Assistant

HRC Pasadena Mayra Camacho Administrative Assistant

Mayra Camacho is an administrative clinical assistant and was first introduced to the fertility world in 2008, where she was hired as a front office assistant. Mayra now devotes her time to customer service as well as handles the medical records for patients who have achieved pregnancy and transfer care to their obstetrician. She also works with potential egg donors by helping to ensure they meet the appropriate criteria and are suitable for egg donation. Mayra has also had her own personal experience with IVF undergoing treatment for cryopreservation of her own eggs. She is an avid makeup enthusiast who loves to travel and meeting new people.

Stephanie Carranza, MA - Third Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Stephanie Carraza, MA

Stephanie works as a Third Party Clinical Coordinator and been working in Infertility since 2009. She deeply enjoys guiding her patients through their journey and has always had a drive to help people. It brings her great joy knowing that she can be a part of the support and guidance needed to help bring her patients dreams to life. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys going on adventures with her family, cooking and baking.

Yvonne Hinkel, LVN - Team Lead, IVF Coordinator, Third Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena 2016 Yvonne Team Kolb

Yvonne Hinkel, LVN began her healthcare career in 1994. As a graduate of Pasadena City College, she started her career as a Medical Assistant, but with her determination and perseverance, she went back to school to become an LVN. Working towards her RN degree, Yvonne works as a third party clinical coordinator and is dedicated to helping coordinate the care of patients who are on their journey to parenthood. Working closely with intended parents, gestational surrogates and egg donors, Yvonne ensures that all appropriate tests have been completed so that intended parents are able to proceed with their dreams of starting a family. Her sensitive, yet good-humored personality is always a welcome sigh of relief to her patients. Yvonne is married with two teenage sons who keep her very busy. She loves to travel, enjoys music and lives life to the fullest.

Helen Yi Ping Lu


Helen has a Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of San Francisco at California. She also had her internship at UCSF and was an ICU/trauma nurse in the neurosurgery department for five years prior to joining HRC Fertility. Additionally, she has prior experience in infertility working with intended parents, surrogates and donors in her previous job. Helen is married with two children and lives in Pasadena. Prior to beginning their family, Helen and her husband, who have a love for traveling, took two years off to travel the world. Her other interests include going to concerts, skiing, watching movies and being with friends and family. Helen enjoys being an advocate and liaison to her patients in helping to build their family and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Shirley Su, RN - IVF Coordinator, Third Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Shirley Su, RN


Jian (Jane) Zhang, MA - IVF Coordinator, Third Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Jian (Jane) Zhang, MA

Jane works as an IVF Coordinator and was born in Xian, China. She received her associate degree from ASA New York and is a skilled and experienced bilingual nurse fluent in Mandarin and English. Jane is an organized and detail-oriented person with strong interpersonal, medical, professional and administrative skills. Although Jane has worked in both American and Chinese healthcare facilities for several years, she enjoys working in the fertility field helping patients become parents.

Tongdan (Rita) Qin, LVN - IVF Coordinator, Third Party Coordinator



Rita Qin, LVN began her healthcare career in 2011after graduating from Shepherd University. She started work at a plastic surgery center and was there for four years. Rita then came to HRC working at Reproductive Surgical Associates (RSA) where she cared for patients undergoing fertility procedures. Shortly thereafter she transitioned to the position of IVF and 3rd Party Coordinator. Rita is dedicated to helping coordinate the care of patients who are on their journey to parenthood. Being a 3rd Party Coordinator, she also works with intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. Rita is fluent in both Mandarin and English, is well organized and detail oriented. She is married and enjoys spending time with her family.

Rita is dedicated to helping coordinate the care of patients who are on their journey to parenthood. Being a 3rd Party Coordinator, she also works with intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. Rita is fluent in both Mandarin and English, is well organized and detail oriented. She is married and enjoys spending time with her family.

Jennifer Chapa, Clinical Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Jennifer Chapa


Janice Gong, LVN - Team Lead, IVF Coordinator, Third Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Janice Gong, LVN


Joyce Tan - Clinical Coordinator




Katie Vanderbur, MA - IVF Coordinator, Third Party Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Katie Vanderbur, MA

Katie is an IVF Coordinator and has more than 6 years of medical field experience. Prior to joining HRC she worked for an obstetrician/gynecologist for 3 years. Her goal is to enhance her patients care with a positive experience in completing their dream of becoming parents. Katie is trilingual in Cantonese, Mandarin and English which makes the fertility journey easier for her international patients. In her off time, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Natalie Pena, MA - Team Lead, IVF Coordinator

HRC Pasadena 2016 Natalie Team Kolb

Natalie Pena, Medical Assistant comes to HRC with OB/GYN experience and expertise in phlebotomy and Reference Laboratory client service/specialty testing. She started here at HRC in 2004. Utilizing her extensive knowledge in phlebotomy and laboratory testing, she worked in the HRC Laboratory until October 2010. She then accepted a position on Dr. Kolb’s team coordinating team. Since then she has been working coordinating Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles, Insemination cycles, scheduling Dr. Kolb’s surgeries and meeting with all regular IVF and non IVF patients after their office visits to teach them injections, make sure all consenting is complete and that the patients are scheduled and ready for their next visit. As an IVF Clinical Coordinator Natalie, supports the IVF coordinator. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Natalie spends all her free time raising and enjoying her daughter. She is very much a “people” person and enjoys life to the fullest.

Deborah Valenzuela, CMA-EMT - IVF Coordinator

Deborah Valenzuela, IVF Coordinator - HRC Fertility Pasadena

Deborah Valenzuela, IVF Coordinator - comes to HRC with extensive hands on experience in direct patient care. With over fifteen years of experience in just women’s healthcare alone, Deborah has spent much of that time dedicated to OB/GYN Services, Prenatal Diagnosis, Medical Genetics and Fertility Medicine. For the last ten years, she has been coordinating IVF cycles and prides herself in partnering and building relationships with her patients throughout their entire journey. Whether she is coordinating a cycle, teaching medication administration, or just being there to listen to her patient’s concerns, Deborah can be found commendably facilitating the detailed communications that occurs between the patients, physicians, agencies and other members of the IVF team. Deborah is bilingual in Spanish which gives an added sense of comfort for our International patients.

Flor Parada, CMA - Clinical Coordinator

HRC Pasadena - Flor Prada, CMA


Monica Oliverio, CMA - IVF Coordinator

Monica Oliverio - HRC Fertility Pasadena

Monica Oliverio is an IVF Coordinator for Dr. Bradford Kolb and comes to HRC with many years of experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine. Monica has spent over 16 years working as an IVF Coordinator. Some of those years were spent in the Orange County location and the greater Los Angeles area. Dedicated to her field, Monica is now pursuing her career to become a nurse.

Born and raised in Hawaii Monica truly loves spending time outdoors with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Hiking, biking, and camping are just some of her favorite things to do during her time off. Family is very important to Monica and is one of the main reasons she has dedicated to this field.